Manufactured Homeowners Insurance in Daytona Beach, FL

Commercial Coverages, Inc. provides comprehensive insurance policies that strive to protect your belongings and assets. Our Daytona Beach insurance agency offers plans that function similarly to homeowners insurance in Daytona Beach, FL, but are written specifically for manufactured and mobile homes. We care about your home just as much as you do, which is why we help owners find a policy that fits their specific needs and budget.

If you live in an area prone to storms and especially hurricanes, you’ll definitely want to request a manufactured home insurance quote from our company. By preparing for the possibility of disasters like storms and burglary, you’re protecting yourself from financial ruin. Our physical damage protection covers direct, sudden, and accidental damage. If you purchase our adjacent structures plan, that protection extends to your garage, satellite dishes, and storage buildings. Our manufactured policy covers you for:

  • Personal effects, including theft protection
  • Comprehensive personal liability
  • Additional living expenses
  • Debris removal service
  • Emergency removal service
  • Protection for trees, shrubs, plants, and lawns
  • Comprehensive coverage for the home, including wind and hail

Get Manufactured Home Insurance for Hurricane Season

Manufactured homes are often the most at-risk structures when a hurricane hits. Because they sometimes lack a permanent foundation and tend to be built in factories rather than on lots, they can suffer much more damage from strong winds. We offer an affordable way to keep your home covered when the next hurricane comes barreling through.

Manufactured Homeowners Insurance Details

Some of the most important aspects of our plan are replacement cost coverage and personal effects protection. The former means that in the event of a “total loss,” the company pays the policy limits, and, in the event of a “partial loss” they pay the cost to repair or replace the damaged portions of the home with no depreciation. Either one of these could make an enormous difference in how quickly the recovery process goes after the disaster passes.

Personal effects protection covers your personal belongings. This could include clothing, television and stereo equipment, furniture, and appliances not purchased with your home. After all, it isn’t only your home you would lose in a storm; it’s everything in it as well. Attachments need to be listed separately on a manufactured home insurance policy, such as attached carports, Florida rooms, sheds, and garages.

We offer manufactured policies to help our homeowners have peace of mind with whatever life throws at them. Whether you need auto insurance or life insurance in Daytona Beach, FL, we can help you find the perfect policy. We encourage you to contact us today at (386) 756-8551 if you have any questions regarding our policies. We gladly offer comprehensive free quotes to ensure you’re never without a place to call home. We serve residents of Daytona Beach, Florida, and the nearby communities.